Rainbow Reiki works with Reiki and brings through more healing power, enhancing treatments and accelerating healing and transformation.

Reiki is the Earth elemental ray, whereas Rainbow Reiki is the elemental ray of Air, Fire and Water which completes the healing system of Reiki. Each of these elements can heal in specific ways. Earth grounds and brings inner security, Air focuses the mind and enhances communication, Fire burns through negativity such as anger and resentment and Water heals and balances the emotions.

When combined, Reiki and Rainbow Reiki can help to heal in a deep and complete sense.

Rainbow Reiki comes from Native American origins helping us to learn that all of life is connected, bringing a sense of harmony and connectedness to all who receive it.

Level 1 (120):

Level 2 (160):

Level 3a (160):

Level 3b (160):

Please Note: Reiki Level 1 must be received before Rainbow Reiki Level 1 etc through all levels.