Receiving Reiki and Rainbow Reiki attunements can be beneficial to many people; those wishing to use them for their own personal healing and those wishing to use them for family, friends, pets and professionally.

Reiki and Rainbow Reiki attunements are completely safe and remain with us throughout life, enabling us to channel these wonderful healing energies for ourselves and others. Anyone can learn Reiki & Rainbow Reiki as we all have the natural ability to heal.

Once taught, it is then possible to practice self-treatment as well as treat others.

Therapists and healers find that attunement to Reiki & Rainbow Reiki enhances other treatments such as reflexology and aromatherapy, as well as being a powerful treatment in itís own right.

I teach a combination of both Traditional Usui Reiki and up-dated Reiki, which includes extra Reiki symbols from the original system of Reiki. This up-dated combination is perfect for the changing times we all live in now, as it is more powerful and effective than traditional Reiki alone. This system of Reiki uses 13 Reiki symbols in total, instead of the usual 3, and it is this alone that makes this type of Reiki more effective.

I also teach Rainbow Reiki, which is part of the original system of Reiki, but which builds on and completes this branch of Reiki and which has Ancient Egyptian and Native American based symbols. Used together, these systems of healing offer powerful healing and transformation for all.

It is possible to trace my Reiki Lineage back to Mikao Usui who was the man who brought Reiki out into the public arena in Japan. This gives good verification that this branch of Reiki is authentic.

Each course includes full training, notes and is certificated. Courses can be arranged to suit individual needs on weekdays, evenings and weekends and cater for individual and group workshops.

Level 1 (£120): The first attunement enabling us to channel Reiki for ourselves and others.

Level 2 (£160): A more powerful attunement, including symbols for distant healing, space clearing and for Professional Reiki.

Level 3a (£160): Personal Mastership to access the most powerful Reiki energy for self-healing and treatments.

Level 3b (£160): For those wishing to teach Reiki. (Both 3a & 3b must be received to provide full Mastership)

Please Note: Reiki Level 1 must be received before Rainbow Reiki Level 1 etc through all levels.

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