Self-healing with Reiki is an important aspect of Reiki training. Reiki is one of the only therapies that you can also use to effectively treat yourself as well as to use for others.

A lot of people come to Reiki for this reason, often training up to Level Three to optimise their healing abilities as they are wanting to use the Reiki to heal and overcome problems, including negative life patterns, emotional blocks, physical illness and mental patterns which are restrictive.

Self-healing with Reiki is something that becomes an important part of everyday life, helping to create and maintain inner peace and clarity, patience, strengthen intuition and enhance spiritual awareness and connection.

Many people think that training in Reiki is really just about giving treatments to others, and they often overlook the self-healing aspect. I always encourage people to get into the routine of finding some time every day to give themselves Reiki.

Giving yourself Reiki is really easy, as you simply place your hands on or near your body allowing the energy to flow to you instead of to someone else. It can be a simple matter of giving yourself treatment as you drift off to sleep at night or whilst sitting in a comfortable chair. A treatment can be a short 'pick-me-up' or full length, depending on what you can manage.

What a wonderful way to heal and look after yourself, and when we look after ourselves, we are in a better position to help others.

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